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Serving the greater Mississippi area in all your videography needs.
We are located out of Jackson and Meridian, MS and we will work in areas located in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. 
Thank you for viewing our site. Allow me to tell you a little about us and what we are about. We are a family owned business based out of Jackson and Meridian, MS, formed by two guys that love everything film and video. After college, I, Miles Donald, and my brother-in-law, Evan Curry, noticed a need for videography work and affordable quality commercials in Mississippi. Out of this Wrecking Crew Films was formed. Our goal is to provide national television talent and quality commercials at local TV level and cost. So, why chose us over your local TV's production Team or another production company/ad agency? For one, production value and image. I have seen many local local commercials over the years with improper lighting or shot with the spokesperson in an awkward pose or angle. Another reason to go with us that once we made your product it becomes just that, yours. We will send you your product in appropriate formats for whatever medium you want to place it on. Local TV, Webpage, Facebook, you name it. Need help  getting it on that medium? We'll do that too. As for choosing us over another production company or Ad agency? We'll beat or match there price and give you the customer service and attention they don't. 

We also do weddings! We have a very competitive wedding package but that's not all. We do something that the other guys don't. We do Video and Photography together to bring you an all inclusive wedding DVD. Yes some photographers shoot video but they use the video setting on their camera which requires too much lighting equipment to get decent footage. You've seen the photographer at the wedding reception with the lighting guy following him everywhere. We use true professional grade HD camcorders that can get better quality video without all the extra equipment. 

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